Five New Mobile Website Designs


Since the end of 2011, we have been launching our new Infinity Dental Web mobile websites. When we first began working on this project, we decided to develop 5 very nice and very functional designs to be reproduced and customized for our clients. This way we could keep our pricing low and put more time and money toward further research and development.

Last year we launched our first mobile website and named it “Cleveland,” since this was the first mobile website developed for our client in Cleveland, OH. And since then, we developed 4 more designs all shown here:






We’ve been reproducing the mobile website designs over the past few months for several clients, and each time we do, the websites take on a whole new look. See for yourself by visiting our mobile website portfolio page.

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Christin Paty

Chris is the Vice President of Marketing at Infinity Dental Web where she supervises website design and client relations.