What’s So Great About A Mobile Website?

As the technical director for Infinity Dental Web, I am responsible for being on the cutting-edge of all things web.  With mobile websites being all the rage, it’s not surprising that I spend quite a lot of my time learning and experimenting with all of the latest mobile web technologies. Variety being the spice of life that it is, I consequently sometimes find the mobile website cuisine beginning to taste a little bland.  But then after taking a few moments to breathe, I come back to the work at hand and find myself re-energized and excited to be working with one of the coolest technologies the world has ever seen.

Why are mobile websites so great?  Well, the truth is that they’re not. A mobile website itself is just a smaller version of the desktop website with a different design.  Viewed on a desktop, I’d much prefer to see the desktop site instead of the mobile site.  BUT… couple the mobile website with the mobile device that it’s optimized for and — B A M ! —  instant coolness.  Check out some our designs here.

The other day, Julie posted about the “extra” time that we are supposed to be enjoying in our society.  As I contemplated how I use my time, I came to the conclusion that time itself is the underlying reason as to why mobile websites are so great.

Time is the great equalizer.

And yet, it is possible to actually buy time.  When you use a mobile device to access some information about your dentist while you’re driving about, you just bought some time.  None of us knows how much time we have available to us, and so anything we can do to save time is not only cool but is also incredibly valuable.  In the end, time is the only finite resource we have that matters in this life.

Wow, that’s pretty heavy for a blog post on mobile websites.  Then again, we are Infinity Dental Web, so I guess it makes sense that we are addressing things that relate to the infinite.. or finite, rather.

Just remember, time is a gift.  Use it wisely by saving time with a mobile website.  Just be careful not to spend too much time ‘twittering’ your life away.