Facebook 101

Why Should Dentists Be On Facebook?

Our company president Dr. David Hall and our social media team answer a question we have been asked from several of our clients: “Why should I be on Facebook if I am a dentist?” Watch to find out our top reasons your dental practice needs to be on Facebook in 2013.

Facebook 101: Getting Those Likes

Thank you for continuing to read my Facebook 101 series. If you’ve been following so far, I have gone through how to claim a page you didn’t create, optimizing your about section, customization, and what to post. Now is the hard part: getting those pesky Facebook likes. In a day and age where absolutely everybody […]

Facebook 101: What to Post

So you have a Facebook page. One that has been claimed,  optimized, and with a beautiful cover that represents your brand.  Now what? At this point, you should be ready to make your first post. This is your chance to show the world what you’re about. Don’t know where to start? Here are some things […]

Facebook 101: Branding & Customization

You’ve claimed your Facebook page and optimized your about section. Next comes the fun part: designing your profile picture and cover image. The Profile Picture Many companies like to put their company logo as their profile picture for branding purposes. While I agree that this makes a lot of sense for a large corporation like […]

Facebook 101: Optimizing the About Section

So, you’ve claimed your Facebook page and have full administrative access. Now what? It’s time to optimize your “about” section. The about section is important because this is where all the key information about your business goes. Placing the right keywords here brings you up where you want to be in graph search.  Additionally, Facebook […]

Facebook 101: Claiming the Unclaimed

After years of resistance, you’ve finally decided to start a Facebook page for your practice. Problem is, where do you start? You are already familiar with Facebook for your personal use, but a Facebook business page, you soon realize, is a whole different animal. Before you even start, there is something you need to know: You […]