Social Media for Dentists

Piquing Interest through Pinterest

Pinterest has been on the back burner of Social Media Marketing for some time now. Once thought of as only a place to find funny memes and recipes for Christmas cookies, Pinterest has taken on a new light in the advertising world. Leadership from Ava Launch Media, a content marketing company from Utah, discovered that […]

Social Media Tips from Infinity Dental Web

Infinity Dental Web has their own personal social media guru in our Social Media Director, Danielle Azar. You’ve probably read her many insightful posts already educating marketers on the latests trends within some of the largest digital platforms. Now you can save these helpful tips, designed right here in our social media department! Feel free […]

Dr. Seuss For Dentists: Keys To Connecting With Your Patients and Marketing Your Practice

Wherever you fly, you’ll be best of the best. Wherever you go, you will top all the rest. Except when you don’t. Because, sometimes, you won’t. For my son’s 5th birthday, just a few days ago, my wife and I got him a set of Dr. Seuss books. Since then he’s been asking me to read […]

5 Obvious Places to Look for your Next Social Media Post

Managing your social media presence as a marketer can be a tricky business. As recent studies have shown, you are essentially in a space where your presence is unwanted. “Hard-selling” products or serviced through social media turns off your clientele as does posting content without any value. Big businesses have it pretty easy. With their enormous marketing budgets […]

Social Media Mavens Needed!

Wanted: Social media superstars who are also EXCELLENT writers. Must have previous experience managing social media accounts for businesses and must have the marketing mind set of integrating social media into the clients’ general marketing plans.   MUST have abundant experience in WordPress, Facebook, and Twitter with a focus on engaging and growing followers with […]

Changes within Social Media – The Ever-Shifting Sea

RIP Orkut – We Hardly Knew You Google announced its social media site Orkut officially shut down on September 30, 2014. Haven’t heard of Orkut? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Despite Orkut running for ten years, it was considered extremely unsuccessful. Initially launched in 2004 (the same year as Facebook) Orkut was Google’s first attempt […]

Key Facebook Insights Metric Pulled

  Those with a Facebook business Page should already be familiar with the “Insights” tab the website provides. Insights allows a Page owner to analyze their page’s activity in close detail; from their most popular post to the specifics of their audience’s demographics. An infamous feature of Insights for the past three years has been […]