Social Media for Dentists

How to Win Fans & Influence People Pt. 1

One of the most valuable features of social media is it’s ability to strengthen relationships and build an online community of devoted fans.  Unfortunately, not everyone understands how to take advantage of the tools they have in front of them while some fail to create a social media strategy altogether. Many brands post something just to […]

Facebook’s “pay to play” decision

We all saw it coming, or at least those of us in the “business” did. Late last month, Facebook, the holy grail of social media platforms, all but announced that businesses pages are going to have to pay to have their posts seen by their own followers. Meaning, most of the community you’ve been working […]

GIF-ing out!

As I’ve mentioned before, animated GIF’s are everywhere online and just seem to keep growing in popularity. And why not? Why have just a picture when you can have one that moves? They are pretty simple to make, even though the ones below need work. The first one looks like the cameraman had a tremor […]

2014: The Year of Clever Social Media Advertising

2013 was a big year for social media. I think of it as the year when top level management realized that this isn’t a fad that is going to go away and it is a useful tool in any marketing arsenal if done correctly. Even the most old fashioned of businesses, dentistry being one of […]

Google gets in deeper…

It has come to my knowledge that Google filed a new patent over the weekend that is particularly telling of the company’s future mindset. The patent is for a robot system that will reply and send out social media messages for you. The robot would reply to your friends and make updates to your social […]

How to get sued by Getty

FACTS: Images are the currency of social media. People love to see, post, share, and re-share images. Every up and coming social media channel is image based. People are paying less and less attention to words and more to pictures; and the growth of infographics refers to this trend as well. Images are easy to […]

Danielle’s Rules of Social Engagement

At Infinity Dental Web, we have a social media department (that I’m in charge of) with about 6 account managers. These account managers are in charge of the social media presence for a certain number of clients and generally do a great job managing our clients’ Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and blogs. Sometimes though, one of […]

Twitter 101: Setting Up your Profile

Using Twitter for business takes time, energy, and an understanding of the platform itself. However, if you know how to do it the right way, it can be the perfect platform to quickly receive and distribute important news and information to your followers (some of which are hopefully your patients). Setting up your profile is […]