Social Media for Dentists

10 Benefits of Facebook Ads

  If You Aren’t Using Facebook Ads… You Should Probably Start There are many different options available today to market products and services for small and large business ventures. Some of the most popular involve the use of social media networks to assist with getting the company’s brand into the mainstream. One of the most […]


Instagram for desktop gets a makeover!     The new layout features larger pictures and offers much less clutter with more white space. They also got rid of the old header they used to have. Overall, I like the new layout. I just wish there was an upload feature for desktop so I don’t have to […]

The Benefits of Facebook Marketing for Dentists

  Big Benefits of Facebook Marketing for your Dental Practice Facebook is not only a great way for people to stay in touch via social media, but it is also a perfect marketplace for businesses to advertise their companies and practices. Facebook is especially a great networking tool for dentists to market their dental practices. Here is […]

5 Ways Social Media Can Build Your Dental Empire

  As you know, social media has been a key marketing buzzword for years now with businesses all over the world building meaningful relationships with their customers that drive real sales. Something you might not have known is that Infinity Dental Web has had their very thriving own social media department since 2012 run by […]

The Right Step: Facebook Business Advertising

As the adaptation of mobile search pursues, it becomes more evident how social media attains popularity, particularly Facebook. The convergence of Facebook and online marketing yields greater advertising power, touching the aspect of click-through rates and sign-ups. Many studies show that for the past years, Facebook dominated the social media kingdom, leaving a huge mark […]

Tips to Recover from a Social Media Mistake

    Social media can be a great tool in digital marketing. It helps businesses reach out potential customers by creating posts, liking and tweeting – activities which active users find addicting. However social media should be utilized with proper care and great awareness for a wrong manipulation to it can cause several crises leading […]

Piquing Interest through Pinterest

Pinterest has been on the back burner of Social Media Marketing for some time now. Once thought of as only a place to find funny memes and recipes for Christmas cookies, Pinterest has taken on a new light in the advertising world. Leadership from Ava Launch Media, a content marketing company from Utah, discovered that […]

Social Media Tips from Infinity Dental Web

Infinity Dental Web has their own personal social media guru in our Social Media Director, Danielle Azar. You’ve probably read her many insightful posts already educating marketers on the latests trends within some of the largest digital platforms. Now you can save these helpful tips, designed right here in our social media department! Feel free […]

Dr. Seuss For Dentists: Keys To Connecting With Your Patients and Marketing Your Practice

Wherever you fly, you’ll be best of the best. Wherever you go, you will top all the rest. Except when you don’t. Because, sometimes, you won’t. For my son’s 5th birthday, just a few days ago, my wife and I got him a set of Dr. Seuss books. Since then he’s been asking me to read […]