As you know, Infinity Dental Web was founded by Dr. David Hall, a former cosmetic dentist. This experience makes him uniquely qualified in the dental marketing field.

But did you know that Dr. Hall also founded the cosmetic dentistry site Not many patients realize that although their dentist may advertise cosmetic work, very few actually have the artistic ability and extensive training to perform beautiful cosmetic dentistry.  Dr. Hall created the site to help educate patients and also to aid in finding a qualified cosmetic dentist in their area. The information on the site is easy to understand and explained in simple terms. If you cannot find an answer to your cosmetic dentistry question, you can email Dr. Hall for an answer. If you are seeking a qualified cosmetic dentist, you can search by state for a cosmetic dentist that has been personally reviewed and recommended by Dr. Hall.

Please click the highlighted link to learn more about the difference between a general dentist and cosmetic dentist.