Does the Snap-on Smile device really improve your smile?

I just watched this infomercial about Snap-on Smile, a removable appliance that fits over your permanent teeth to give you a “Hollywood smile.” Come on now, this sounds too good to be true! Does this device actually work and look like your natural teeth?

As I listened and watched, I learned that the appliance could be made and fitted within 2 dental visits, and that the procedure is painless, because there is no grinding, drilling or shots involved. What was also mentioned is that the appliance is perfect for special occasions, or it can even be worn daily. I got a little chuckle out of watching this infomercial, because what this appliance reminds me of compares to someone who is bald or has thinning hair and gets fitted for a wig.  Is Snap-on Smile just another temporary quick fix, or is it a good alternative over permanent procedures that involve cosmetic dentistry?   

Watch this infomercial for yourself, and tell me what you think.
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